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The computer used to provide the audio feeds is an Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 running at 2.40 GHz with 4 Gigs of Ram. The computer runs 24 hrs a day and its only function is to run the software that permits the feeds to operate. There are six Uniden scanners connected to six audio cards/USB audio devices.


All manufactured by Uniden

Police scanner  BCD996T Digital capable
Fire BCT15
Grand River Transit & Public Works BCT15X
Waterloo Control Tower BC898T
Toronto Centre Air Traffic BC350C


Simplecast - Audio interface from scanner

Icecast - Acts as a server interface from Simplecast to the internet for stream delivery.

Audio Cards:

Any inexpensive PCI audio card or USB audio device is all that is needed for each feed. These are Ebay items, usually coming from China. Typically the cards cost $3 and the shipping is $5. There are two PCI audio cards and 4 USB audio devices providing audio for the six different feeds.

Antenna Multicoupler:

This powered splitter is plugged into a household outlet, and lets me split a single antenna feed to the six scanners. Another Ebay item. Cost me 25 cents, but shipping was $17.00. Reception quality actually increased after splitting.

The System

The six scanners are all connected to the same antenna in my attic through the Antenna Multicoupler. The multicoupler only has four output connections, but by using a couple of regular TV cable splitters, I was able to split the splitter so to speak, and reception is still outstanding.

When a requested frequency become active in a scanner, audio is sent  to one of the audio cards/USB audio devices. The audio from the devices is processed in the computer by Simplecast. Simplecast processes the audio into an MP3 format that can be delivered to the internet from the server Icecast.

I allow to access the Icecast server on my computer to make a single connection to each of the six different feeds. provides the feeds over the internet to as many listener as request the audio feed. So, bandwidth demands on me are very low, and during peak listening times this allows for literally hundreds of listeners at the same time.


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